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Rebexsess Discovery Chemistry provides the world class contract research services in 3D protein structure based rational design and modeling. 3D Models of protein-ligand complexes are used to create both novel small molecules and proteins with new functions. Rebexsess has this unique capability of designing not only small molecular as drug candidates, but also engineered proteins as novel enzymes. This skill set has been proven to be powerful and effective in both drug discovery and protein/enzyme engineering.

The multidisciplinary expertise of Rebexsess will cut the timeline in the discovery stage and be cost effective. Rebexsess research experiences can help to minimize the risks for clinical trial from early stage of drug discovery cycle, and to contribute to cost-control for chemical production and commercialization in various indutrial applications.

Rebexsess services and consulting will integrated structure based design and computational chemistry into medicinal chemistry and synthetic biology for small molecule discovery research, enzyematic engineering and outsourcing project management.
Computational Chemistry services

Rebexsess structure-based rational design services included structure based drug design service(SBDD), computational chemistry service, structure based enzyme engineering service(SBEE) and Medicinal chemistry consulting service, have been proven to be powerful and effective in drug discovery and protein/enzyme engineering. These services could generate meaningful results and solve tough problems for client projects. Rebexsess offers the same high quality computational modeling services that assisted in the discovery of Telaprevir (Incivek, An anti hepatitis C drug co-invented, developed and marketed by Vertex) to all of its clients.