About Company

Rebexsess Discovery Chemistry is a world class service provider in contract research specializing in rational protein structure based design and computational chemistry/modeling services - the integration of structure based drug deisgn into medicinal chemistry; and structure based enzyme engineering into synthetic biology. Rebexsess has unique capabilities of the double design which creates not only new entities of small chemical molecules, but also novel proteins as highly efficient enzymes with well-known international expertise. Rebexsess provides detailed and pragmatic computational analysis in the context of 3D protein complex binding to understand structure activity relationship (SAR) and structure function relationship (SFR) which is the best way to advance SAR/SFR -in real life scenario. Rebexsess rational structure based design services will help clients to advance their projects and programs in cutting timeline fashion for various indutrial applications.

Rebexsess has internationally recognized expertise in structure based drug design and a unique computational chemistry/modeling approach with proven track records and real solutions to protein/enzyme engineering and small molecule drug discovery.